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Energy Audit in St. Louis


Ever wonder why your home’s energy costs are so high? Ever find yourself scratching your head over why the costs of your utilities vary so wildly from month to month? Are you fed up with not being able to find consistent comfort in your own home? If so, you would benefit from an energy audit in St. Louis done by SmartHouse.

Once upon a time, your home’s energy consumption was a mystery – and the only indication that you were using too much was in the form of a very expensive bill. But now, the friendly and knowledgeable professionals at SmartHouse in St. Louis can help you better understand how you’re using energy in your home…

And the changes you can make to drastically lower your utility bills.

Eliminate the Guesswork with a St. Louis Energy Audit

SmartHouse Home Energy Audits utilize proven technologies to help determine where you’re using the most energy – and what you can do to make your home more efficient. Energy audits provide St. Louis homeowners with the answers they need to their biggest energy questions, while SmartHouse can suggest and provide services that can address what’s revealed by the energy audit.

The end result? A home that’s more energy-efficient and comfortable – not to mention much more affordable!

Our home energy audit uses the following steps:

  1. Testing: We use state-of-the-art technology to determine where your home is losing the most energy.
  2. Next steps: Based on the results of the energy audit, we’ll list the services that can improve your home’s energy consumption. SmartHouse will carry out these improvements, so you’ll never have to worry about finding another contractor.
  3. Validation: Once the improvements are completed, SmartHouse will conduct another energy audit to demonstrate how much energy you’re saving.

With so much value under one roof, isn’t it time you gave the professionals at SmartHouse a call?

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Energy audits represent the best way to start saving some serious money on your utility bills.  Start saving today by giving SmartHouse a call and scheduling your energy audit in St. Louis.

Discover why St Louis turns to us for all their energy audit needs. Discover SmartHouse. Call us today!

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