Furnace Tune-Up

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Furnaces are gas combustion appliances that require routine maintenance in order to safely provide reliable comfort and efficiency for your home.

At SmartHouse we offer a very thorough Precision Tune-Up that includes a careful diagnostic review of your system along with preventive maintenance and performance testing.

  1. Here’s what we do:
    1. Check thermostat
    2. Charged batteries
    3. Cycle settings and operating condition
  2. Check unit conditions:
    1. Check for proper voltage and amperage draw
    2. Inspect for signs of water damage, rust and age
    3. Clean and check pilot light assembly
    4. Inspect plenum for excessive rust, holes, proper sealing to furnace and ductwork
  3. Inspect air filter
  4. Clean external surfaces
  5. Check ductwork condition
  6. Check condition of blower and motor:
    1. Look for signs of wear
    2. Make sure blower is working to capacity
    3. Lubricate motor and blower bearings
    4. Inspect belt condition and tension
  7. Pull burners and heat exchanger; test operation and safety:
    1. Inspect heat exchanger for cracks or air disturbance
    2. Inspect and vacuum heat exchanger
    3. Inspect and clean burner assembly
    4. Set burner for high efficiency
  8. Inspect flue pipe for safety; check for any holes or blockages to verify draft
  9. Check gas pressure on furnace; adjust for efficiency
  10. Inspect all safety controls
  11. Check heat anticipator circuitry
  12. Check gas valve operation
  13. Clean and inspect combustion chamber (as needed)

Plus, we maintain a detailed record of your system including its baseline performance. That way, should troubleshooting or replacement become necessary in the future, we are in a better position to quickly provide service and useful information.

Count on a precision tune-up from SmartHouse to provide comfort and energy efficiency all year long.

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