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Get Your AC Ready With a Spring Tune Up

April 25, 2018

Spring is finally here! Soon the sun will be shining, flowers will bloom, and the weather will start to get warmer. When you start your spring cleaning around the house, don’t forget that your air conditioner needs some attention as well. In preparation for the warmer weather, you should schedule a spring AC tune up from SmartHouse.  Not only will it help to keep your system running smoothly, it will help your home stay safe and cool.

Benefits of an AC Tune-up

Your AC should be inspected at least once a year – especially before the warm weather hits. This allows a professional to check the shape and working condition of your unit. If any areas of concern are detected, your service tech will be able to address them promptly. With a little TLC along the way, your air conditioner will keep you and your family cool for years to come!

  • Reduced stress on your AC. Any AC that is running inefficiently is working overtime to meet the cooling demands of your home. It’s also using more electricity just to function, which can reflect in your electric bill.

  • Improved air quality and overall health. Did you know that an old or damaged air conditioner can negatively impact the air quality in your home? Debris like dust, pet dander, or mold can build up in your equipment or duct system. This can cause asthma symptoms to worsen and other breathing related illnesses to pop up.

  • Higher efficiency. If your AC is running inefficiently, it’s sucking up far more electricity than necessary. To fully meet the cooling needs of your home, your air conditioner should have a tune-up.

  • Lower utility bills. Have you noticed a spike in your electric bill? It could be caused by your air conditioner isn’t working properly. A professional tune up will help save you money on your utilities.

  • Better cooling and increased comfort. No one likes when it’s uncomfortably hot, but extreme heat can be dangerous for some. The young and the elderly are especially at risk, so it’s important that your home stays cool in the heat. After a tune-up, your cooling system will be able to keep your home effortlessly cool and comfortable.

Why Choose SmartHouse?

To keep you cool all spring and summer long, we offer certified maintenance for every air conditioner make and model. Tune-ups are an essential part of maintenance for any system working in your home, especially your HVAC components. No matter which type of air conditioning system you have in place, it’s still a complicated system with many features and moving parts.

A precision tune-up done by us will help to ensure that your equipment has a long life and gives reliable comfort. To ensure optimum energy efficiency, improve your home’s comfort, and minimize repairs down the road, you need routine maintenance performed by a SmartHouse professional. Our comprehensive tune-up checklist allows us to fully inspect your entire system, so it can provide you with comfort and energy efficiency when you need it.

Call SmartHouse today to schedule your AC tune-up!


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