Whole Home Humidifiers

Humidity is the measure of the amount of water molecules in the air. Humidifiers regulate the moisture in the air and allow you to experience better comfort. When air is heated, the “relative humidity” drops and results in static shocks, cracked woodwork and even respiratory issues. Insufficient humidity also makes you feel colder, tempting you to turn the thermostat higher than necessary.

Humidifier Benefits

  • Increase comfort
    The process of heating your home often produces dry and uncomfortable air that can lead to sore throats, chapped lips and itchy skin. Having proper humidity levels in your home keeps your skin from losing moisture, making you feel warmer and more comfortable overall.

    Aprilaire Whole Home Humidifier

  • Save money
    It’s been proven that lower temperatures with proper humidity levels are more comfortable than dry air with a temperature that is higher. Humidifiers add the necessary moisture levels allowing you to reduce your thermostat setting. Even a 3-degree drop in your setting can provide as much as a 5% savings on your heating bill.
  • Healthier air
    Bacteria, viruses and respiratory infections are more abundant in very dry conditions. That’s why it’s so important to maintain proper levels of humidity, to avoid an overly dry environment-which puts you and your family at a significantly higher risk of infection. A whole home humidifier provides optimum levels of humidity, filling your home with healthier air.

SmartHouse installs whole home humidifiers in St. Louis and St. Charles areas that deliver comforting humidity and eliminate all results of extremely dry air. These systems work seamlessly through your existing HVAC system, humidifying your entire home-without all the limitations and added maintenance of single room humidifiers.

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