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July 1, 2015

Ecobee Wi-Fi Thermostats: The Latest in AC Control

Particularly in the St. Louis summertime, many homeowners find themselves constantly adjusting their thermostats. Are you one of them? There's a very careful balance to maintain: on the one hand, you don't want to waste energy, but on the other hand, you and your family need to stay cool! Having to turn the AC on and off repeatedly throughout the course of the day can be frustrating, and it creates high energy bills while leaving your home uncomfortable — that's why ... Read More
February 2, 2015

Indoor Air Quality Testing in St. Louis

Homeowners are becoming aware that chemicals that we use in our day to day lives can cause indoor air quality problems. Plus, the air all around us becomes more polluted every day, and other issues like mildew and molds can create odors that make your home unhealthy. The four main air quality problems homeowners are up against are as follows:
  • Mold Spores
  • VOCs (Volative Organic Compounds)
  • Particles
  • Excessive Humidity
All of these can result in coughing, wheezing, illness, light-headedness, bad odors, chronic ... Read More
November 10, 2014

Tools Of the HVAC Trade: The Blower Door – St. Louis

What is that enormous fan and why are you using it to suck all of the air out of my house? The tool you are referring to is called a blower door and it is one of our primary tools for evaluating the air barrier of your home. Simply put, the air barrier refers to the dividing line between conditioned and unconditioned air: everything on the inside of the air barrier is conditioned air, and everything else is unconditioned air. Movement of ... Read More
April 15, 2013

LED Lightbulbs Arrive on Main Street

We’re all aware of the many advances that have been made in lightbulbs. Yet many people are hesitant to adopt the new technologies. This reluctance grows from disappointment with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) and is mostly due to three factors… 1) Dissatisfaction with the quality of light (many people think it is not warm enough – “too white or blue”). 2) CFLs’ take too long to warm up to full brightness. 3) CFL’s contain mercury that could be a concern if the bulb breaks. In ... Read More