Heat Pumps in St. Louis


Heat pumps have become an increasingly popular alternative for heating and cooling St. Louis area home, because of their efficiency and versatility. SmartHouse has helped many homeowners replace their old AC units and supplement their furnaces with heat pump technology, so they can reduce their annual heating and cooling costs while gaining complete control over their home comfort. Read on to see what all the buzz is about when it comes to heat pump installation, and see if a heat pump is right for your home.

How a Heat Pump Works, Year Round

Throughout summer months, heat pumps work just like a highly efficient air conditioner: they transfer the heat and humidity inside your home to the outside, and provide cooler, more comfortable indoor air. They differ from air conditioners in the added benefit of their ability to reverse this cycle and provide heat in cooler temperatures.

In the winter months, a heat pump finds heat in the air outside (even at nearly freezing temperatures) and brings it indoors, where it is sent to the rooms of your home. On the rare nights where the temperatures drop below the range that a heat pump can draw enough heat to keep your home comfortable, you can supplement with your existing gas furnace or boiler. 

Where to Install a Heat Pump

Heat pumps can be installed in-line with your existing ductwork, to be used as a whole home heating and cooling solution. There are also individual heat pumps, called ductless mini-splits, that can be installed directly into the room or area that needs additional cooling. These mini splits utilize the same heat pump technology, without needing ductwork. 

The Benefits of Heat Pump Installation

  • Versatile heating and cooling
    The versatility of heat pumps simplifies the home comfort process. You can rely on one piece of equipment to provide both the hot and cool air you need throughout the year.
  • High efficiency
    Heat pumps are designed to produce more energy than they consume. They are 30%-40% more efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems, which adds up to a lot of savings over their 12+ year lifespan!
  • Zoned comfort
    If you have certain areas of your home that are too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, heat pumps are a great way to customize the comfort of your home through different temperature zones.

Upgrade to Daikin or Carrier Heat Pumps with SmartHouse

SmartHouse installs quality heat pumps by highly trained, NATE Certified Technicians who are committed to helping homeowners solve their comfort needs as efficiently as possible. We also provide heat pump repair, replacement, and maintenance — which you can even have included or discounted with a flexible warranty!

Ready for a better, easier way to heat and cool your home? Call SmartHouse 314-644-1570  or contact us today to learn more about heat pumps.