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Heat Pumps in St. Louis


Heat pumps can provide a great option for those looking for ways to increase energy efficiency and lower their utility bills. They are highly energy efficient units which can be used to both heat and cool your home by moving heat from one place to another.

Throughout summer, heat pumps work just like a highly efficient air conditioner by transferring the heat and humidity to the outside and providing cooler, more comfortable indoor air. They differ from air conditioners in the added benefit of their ability to reverse this cycle and provide heat in cooler temperatures.

In St. Louis, heat pumps can provide your home with heat on the majority of winter days. Pairing it with a high efficiency gas furnace for the few times when the temperature drops too low to use the heat pump will allow you to continue receiving maximum comfort and experience overall saving on your utility bills.

SmartHouse installs quality Heat Pumps by highly trained, NATE Certified Technicians who are committed to helping homeowners solve their comfort needs as efficiently as possible. We also provide heat pump repair, replacement, and maintenance — which you can even have included or discounted with a flexible warranty!

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