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Home Performance Services in St. Louis


Home performance is a comprehensive whole-house approach to identifying and fixing comfort and energy efficiency problems in a home. For a home performance evaluation in St. Louis, call SmartHouse today.

The basic idea is that for a home to be comfortable and energy efficient, all of its systems including furnaces, air conditioners, windows, insulation, bathroom fans and more must work together in harmony.

Furnaces depend on insulation to retain the heat they generate. Insulation needs air sealing to allow it to work properly. If one link in the chain is broken, everything works less effectively.

SmartHouse takes a broad view of your home to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions. Our highly educated, multi-disciplinary team employs building science testing (Click here to learn about energy audits) to identify the root cause of your concerns. Because we take the time to understand your problem, our solutions tend to work better and cost less than the other guys.

HomePerformanceES_LogoENERGY STAR is the government-backed program that helps us all save money and protect our environment with energy-efficient products and practices. Whether you are looking to replace old appliances, remodel your home, or buy a new house, ENERGY STAR can help. More than 60 types of products, including appliances, televisions, computers, heating and cooling equipment, and even new homes can earn the government’s ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR also offers best-practice solutions to make your home more comfortable and reduce your energy costs. For all of your home performance evaluation needs in St. Louis, SmartHouse has you covered.

Click here to learn more about ENERGY STAR.

As a one-stop-shop for energy efficiency, you can rely on SmartHouse for all your home performance improvements, including:

Air Sealing

Is your home leaking air and causing your heating and cooling system to be inefficient? Probably, but where? Air sealing is the first step to an energy efficient home.


After air sealing, proper insulation is one of the most important parts of an energy efficient home. Find out how much insulation you have, how it’s performing and whether you could use more.

Click here to learn about insulation.

Duct Sealing

Studies have shown that the average duct system leaks up to 30% of the air that passes through it! Leaking ducts not only waste energy, but they are also a chief cause of air quality problems.

Duct Design & Installation

Did you know that the design and installation of your ducts can greatly affect your heating and cooling system’s efficiency & comfort? We can help correct duct design problems as well as install new ducts and zoning systems.

Crawlspace Sealing

You probably don’t think about your crawlspace much. But it can play a significant role in the indoor air quality, comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Sealing your crawlspace prevents moisture and air infiltration.

Furnace Replacement

A right sized furnace makes a huge difference in your home – too small and your energy bills will skyrocket – too large and you’ll lose comfort. SmartHouse can help you select the right furnace for your home & budget.

Click here to learn about furnaces.

Air Conditioner Replacement

A properly sized air conditioner is the key to summer comfort. Oversize systems waste energy and provide poor comfort. Undersize systems work hard and still fail to provide comfort.

Click here for more about cooling.

Energy Audits

Knowing the best solution begins with testing to find the root cause of the problem.  Energy audits provide a roadmap to accomplishing the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

Click here for more about energy audits.

Appliance Recommendations

You have several energy consuming appliances in your home. We can offer recommendations about which ones could be replaced to give you the most energy savings.

Solar Electric

Looking to further improve your home’s energy efficiency? We can recommend St. Louis-area solar contractors. Remember, you will get the most return if your home has already been properly sealed and insulated.

Windows & Doors

Windows are rarely a low-hanging fruit for energy efficiency but they do offer other benefits like easy operation and maintenance. We can help you to make smart choices with your investment.

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