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Zoning in St. Louis


You’ve heard that hot and cold spots are common in the ocean – but you never thought the same rule of thumb would be applied to your home. Yet here you are, wondering how to banish those annoying temperature differences that seem to exist in harmony within your home.

Here at SmartHouse, we’ve heard this common complaint for many years – and we’re here to help you do something about it. As the premier provider of zoning heating and cooling systems in St. Louis, we’ve helped residents eliminate those annoying hot and cold spots – for good.

Wondering how we do that? We’ll show you.

Zoning: The Smarter Approach to Warming and Cooling Your Home

Zoning is an innovative technique that’s used to determine the best heating and cooling solutions for individual parts of your home. For instance, heat rises, which means the top floors of a multiple-story home will feel warmer — zoning solves this problem by  making your home’s cooling system send more cool air to the higher floors.  This ensures that you can fully enjoy the temperature inside your home, without running into those uncomfortable hot pockets or freezing-cold spots.

There are many other benefits to zoning your home, including:

  • Lowered energy bills. Since you have better control over your home’s temperature, you’ll significantly slash your energy costs.  This means more money will end up where it belongs: in your wallet.
  • Simple to use. Zoning is surprisingly simple to use: just adjust the temperature for a certain zone, and you’re done.  That means no more going from room-to-room just to get the temperature right!
  • Increased comfort. Kiss those annoying hot and cold spots good-bye – because zoning will completely eliminate them!

When you’re ready to take the step toward a more comfortable and efficient home cooling/heating solution, give the friendly and knowledgeable experts at SmartHouse a call.  We’ll help you eliminate those hot and cold spots once and for all.

Zoning ensures better comfort and helps eliminate those uneven temperatures throughout your home.  To learn more about SmartHouse’s zoning solutions, contact us today!

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