Fact or Fiction: The Importance of AC Maintenance

June 30, 2021
Carrier AC Units Installed

There are two things every homeowner with central air conditioning in St. Louis wants out of their system: reliable operation and affordable cooling bills. The last thing you want in your Brentwood, Ladue, or Kirkwood home is to find yourself in the middle of a Missouri heatwave – either without AC because of an unexpected breakdown or stuck paying astronomical cooling bills because of an inefficient system.

So, how do you know if your AC is on the fritz or costing you more money than it should? Is regular AC maintenance just a marketing gimmick or are there actual benefits to annual AC tune-ups? Today, we’re going to separate the facts from the fiction, when it comes to AC maintenance, 

FACT: AC Maintenance Saves You Money

The more efficiently an air conditioner runs, the less it will cost to provide the desired degree of cooling for your home.  

There are lots of little things that can reduce the efficiency of an air conditioner over the course of normal aging and use.  These changes might not be enough to break your AC entirely and you may not even notice anything is wrong, until your cooling costs start to creep up.

Regular AC maintenance will help keep your cooling system running as efficiently as possible, saving you money year after year.

FACT: AC Maintenance Reduces the Risk of a Breakdown

Little wear and tear inefficiencies might start as a weak capacitor or loose screw;  if left unattended, they can turn into serious issues that require emergency AC repair and leave you with an uncomfortable home at an inconvenient time.

An experienced HVAC technician can identify problems-in-the-making with your AC, saving you the headache of an AC breakdown.  Plus, fixing a small problem with your HVAC system during a maintenance visit  is usually less expensive than paying for a separate St. Louis, MO air conditioning repair visit.

FACT: AC Maintenance Extends the Lifespan of Your System

AC unit lifespan is estimated as a range because many factors can determine how long—or short—a unit will last. An inefficiently-running AC, or a unit that needs frequent repairs, will likely have a shorter lifespan. On the other hand, an annual tune-up is one of the best ways to ensure you maximize the life of your system, allowing you to squeeze out more years of efficient cooling for your Creve Coeur home.

FACT: AC Maintenance Visits Help You Plan the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your HVAC

An older AC will eventually need replacement but, unless your AC breaks down altogether, it can often be hard to know when it’s the right time to make the switch – you want to take advantage of the full life of your system, yet you know you want to replace your AC before frequent repairs start to drain your bank account. 

With regular tune-ups, SmartHouse’s certified HVAC technicians will keep you apprised of the condition of your system and will help you choose the right time to schedule replacement air conditioning installation for your St. Louis home.  Advanced planning also gives you time to consider other replacement options, such as replacing your current AC with a high efficiency heat pump.  

FICTION: Spring Is the Only Good Time to Schedule AC Maintenance

Early spring is often when AC maintenance is recommended, as you’ll be able to start the cooling system knowing your AC is in great working condition, but that doesn’t mean the summer isn’t a good time as well!

It’s never too late in the season to benefit from the peace of mind a SmartHouse technician’s stamp of approval can bring, and you don’t want an expensive, late season breakdown leaving you regretting not calling for a maintenance visit when you had the chance! 

Want to avoid the yearly hassle of having to remember to schedule your AC maintenance?  Sign up for one of our annual SmartCare maintenance plans and receive:

  • Two precision tune-ups every year (one heating and one cooling)
  • Priority service
  • No overtime charges (with the SmartCare Plus plan)
  • Friendly reminders when your system needs maintenance!

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