Home Upgrades That Actually Pay Off

November 23, 2020
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  1. Everyone may have their own secret recipe when it comes to upgrading the comfort and efficiency of their home. 
  2. But what are the upgrades that will actually pay off?
  3. 1. Replace your old furnace or air conditioner with a Daikin FIT heat pump!
  4. A Daikin FIT system is a highly efficient replacement for conventional heating and cooling systems, and will save you on your energy bills.
  5. 2. Upgrade your insulation!
  6. Insulation keeps your indoor temperatures stable, reducing the need to run your heating and cooling equipment. 
  7. 3. Schedule air sealing
  8. Seal up the leaks in your home to prevent outside air, contaminants, and pollutants from entering your home
  9. 4. Upgrade your Thermostat
  10. A smart thermostat can automatically adjust to your comfort preferences and your daily schedule, saving 10% to 15% on heating and cooling costs. 
  11. 5. Schedule HVAC maintenance
  12. Regular maintenance ensures your air filters are fresh, and your equipment is running at peak efficiency. 
  13. Looking for more home comfort and energy efficiency tips? Make the smart call, to SmartHouse!