How to Stay Cool and Comfortable in a Heatwave

June 12, 2023
How to Stay Cool and Comfortable in a Heatwave | St. Louis AC Services | Emergency AC Repair Near Me

How to stay cool and comfortable in a heatwave. It seems like every summer we hear about more record-setting highs in temperature. In addition to causing health concerns, heatwaves can make the inside of your home unbearable and cause your energy bills to skyrocket.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand you can wave to make the outside heat go away. There are, however, a number of common sense steps St. Louis homeowners can take to keep heat out of their home and keep their energy bills from skyrocketing. Read on below for some tips on how to best stay cool during a heatwave. If you’re unsure of your home’s ability to stand up to a heatwave, call SmartHouse at 314-648-3162 or contact us online for your AC services in St. Louis today.

How to Keep Your Home Cool and Energy Efficient in a Heatwave

ACs are designed to cool your home 20-22° cooler than the outdoor temperature. That means that when the temperatures reach the 90°s and into the 100°s, you may need to find other ways to be comfortable inside.

How to Keep Heat From Entering Your Home

The first thing to do to prepare for a heat wave is to keep as much of the heat outside as possible. You can do this by:

  • Assessing your insulation and weather sealing
  • Enhancing natural shade and ventilation
  • Using energy efficient window coverings, films, or shades
  • Keeping your blinds closed

Effective Cooling and Cost Saving Strategies During a Heatwave

Once you’ve done what you can to keep the heat outside, you need to try to reduce heat sources within your home and circulate the air as much as possible. Good tricks include:

  • Using LED lights as they emit less heat and use less energy
  • Grilling outside, microwaving meals, or eating cold meals so you don’t use your stove or oven
  • Doing laundry, dishwashing, and completing other tasks that use electricity in the morning or evening when it’s cooler
  • Use fans in combination with your AC to create a breeze
  • Open all vents and doors inside the home so air can flow freely
  • Set the temperature a little higher to help save on energy

Optimizing Your HVAC System for a Heatwave

While the above tips are helpful on hotter days, the best way to maintain comfort in a heatwave is to ensure your AC system is up to the task. There are several things every homeowner should do before and during a cooling season:

  • Check and replace filters regularly — Making sure your filters are clean helps keep the air in your home circulating. Non-pleated filters are less air-restrictive, allowing more air to pass through your unit and cool.
  • Clear and clean your outdoor unit — Keep your outdoor clear of any debris and clean it off with a garden hose every once in a while. This helps increase the unit’s efficiency and keep it running at peak performance.
  • Invest in AC accessories and other improvements — Some homes – and some exceptionally hot days – call for a little extra investment to achieve peak comfort and efficiency:
    • By zoning your home, you can prioritize rooms of your home that are most important, and leave the AC off in rooms you don’t use during a heatwave.
    • Smart thermostats can help further by automatically adjusting energy usage during peak temperatures, and allowing you to adjust temperatures when you’re not at home.
  • Don’t forget your AC Maintenance Our technicians see a lot of systems that are only running at 50-75% performance. The best way to ensure your AC can stand up to a heatwave is to have it inspected and tuned-up before a hot season. Any deficiencies or recommended upgrades will be addressed before they turn into major, sweat-induced headaches.

SmartHouse’s Emergency AC Repair Services During a Heatwave

If your cooling system is struggling to keep up with high temperatures, SmartHouse is here to help. Our phones are answered by a live dispatcher 24 hours a day, and we have our trucks on the road in the St. Louis area from 7 am to 10 pm every day. Our phones are always busy during the hottest days, so call as soon as you feel your AC system isn’t up to the task, or if you notice ice or condensation around either of the units. We’ll come out to offer our advice and expertise and provide estimates for any upgrades or work you need done. But, again, it’s best to limit the possibility of needing emergency AC services by having your unit professionally maintained. Important decisions about your home’s comfort and energy efficiency are easier to make when it’s a comfortable 70° outside instead of 102°.

Call SmartHouse for Your AC Services in St. Louis

While air conditioners may be limited in how much they can cool a home, a well-maintained system will do the best it can, which is usually enough to stay comfortable. If your system’s struggling with the heat and nothing else seems to be working, SmartHouse is here to help get your St. Louis home back on track. Call us at 314-648-3162, text us at 314-310-2242, or schedule an appointment online today.