SmartHouse technician installing boiler in basement

Is your boiler in need of maintenance, repair, or replacement? If so, you can count on SmartHouse Heating and Cooling to do the job for you. Our HVAC specialists are dedicated to helping homeowners throughout Clayton, Creve Coeur, University City, Kirkwood, and the greater St. Louis area keep their homes comfortable by providing expert service, repair, and replacement of all makes and models of boilers.

Although boilers are typically very efficient, durable machines, all boilers eventually require some sort of annual maintenance, repair, or even replacement performed by a licensed professional in order to ensure a high level of performance and efficiency. You can rest easy knowing your tune-up, repair, or installation will receive top of the line service.

Benefitting From a Better Boiler

A reliable boiler is often taken for granted by homeowners. They are among the sturdiest of HVAC heating systems, so it can be easy to identify problems before they escalate. This is why regular maintenance is so important! 

With a properly sized, well maintained, and efficient boiler, you can expect your boiler to deliver:


Boilers typically become less reliable as they age. This means that a boiler will require more repairs, and in many cases, the older the boiler, the harder it can be to find specific replacement parts. This can increase to the cost of repairs, making replacing your boiler with a newer model the financially smart move. 


Modern models are far more energy efficient than their older relatives – up to 35 percent. In the long term, this will lead to much lower heating costs. A newer, more advanced system will pay for itself in as little as two years based on the money saved in fuel costs.


Regardless of their age, boilers are typically very safe appliances. However, if an older boiler does not have access to a fresh supply of combustion air, it could potentially pose a health hazard. Newer boilers are designed to include the combustion in the cabinet enclosure, making them safer to operate. 

Bring in The Boiler Pros at SmartHouse

Sure, SmartHouse knows boilers. But we are also well versed in other home heating solutions, like the extremely efficient and versatile power of a new Daikin system. If our crew thinks you may benefit further from replacing your old boiler with a product that could further decrease your heating costs, without increasing your installation costs, we will make sure you know your options! 

Our commitment to honesty, teamwork, and transparency ensures that you are never sold something you don’t need. So make the smart call to SmartHouse today!

Having boiler issues? We’re here to help get your home heating back on track. Call SmartHouse today at 314-644-1570 or get in touch here