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Is your boiler in need of maintenance, repair, or replacement? If so, you can count on SmartHouse Heating and Cooling to do the job for you. Our HVAC specialists are dedicated to providing reliable boiler services to our customers.  Although boilers are typically very efficient, durable machines, all boilers- no matter the type- eventually require some sort of annual maintenance, repair or even replacement performed by a licensed professional in order to ensure a high level of performance. Our techs are well versed in all boiler makes and models, so you can rest easy knowing your tune-up, repair or installation will receive top of the line service.

Boiler Benefits

A sturdy, reliable boiler is often taken for granted by homeowners. They are among the sturdiest of HVAC heating systems, so it can be easy to identify problems before they escalate. Here are some reasons you may need to have your boiler serviced, repaired, or even replaced:

  • Reliability: Boilers typically become less reliable with age. This means that they will need to be repaired on a more regular basis. In many cases, the older the boiler, the harder it can be to find specific parts. This can add to the cost of repairs, so you may want to invest in a newer model.
  • Efficiency: Modern models are far more energy efficient than their older relatives – up to 35 percent. In the long term, this will lead to much lower heating costs for you. A newer, more advanced system will pay for itself in as little as two years based on the money saved in fuel costs.
  • Safety: As a homeowner, safety should be one of your top priorities. Regardless of their age, boilers are typically very safe appliances. However, if an older boiler does not have access to a fresh supply of combustion air, it could potentially pose a health hazard. A newer model largely eliminates this risk because all of the equipment is enclosed within its cabinet.

 Maintenance Improves Efficiency

Just because boilers are sturdy machines, that doesn’t mean they don’t need routine maintenance. Like most of your other appliances, boilers require professional tune-ups once or twice a year. Boilers that aren’tt properly maintained can suffer in their performance, leading to higher energy bills. Through minor adjustments during a professional tune-up, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars per year on your bills.

SmartHouse HVAC experts are ready to assist you with boiler maintenance, repairs, or installation. Call today for any of your boiler service needs! 

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