Fall Home Checklist

November 2, 2020
SmartHouse Fall Checklist infographic header

Insulation & Air Sealing

Insulation protects your home from the summer heat and prevents the hot air from your furnace from escaping. Upgrade your insulation now, before the winter arrives!

  • Book your insulation upgrades before temperatures drop

Heating (and Air Conditioning) Check

Now is the time to double-check that your furnace is in peak operating condition. Plus, your air conditioner is winding down after a long summer of keeping your home nice and cool, and may require a little post-season repair. 

  • Visually inspect furnace and air conditioner for damage
  • Run “heat” and “cool” modes in your thermostat and feel vents for appropriate temps
  • Schedule heating or AC repair to resolve any issues 

Regular Maintenance

Even if there is nothing wrong with your heating and cooling equipment, it is a good idea to schedule regular maintenance at the end of cooling season. This ensures your AC will maintain efficiency, and any wear and tear can be resolved before it becomes an issue. 

  • Schedule regular maintenance

Ventilation & Purification 

Now is the time to make sure the air in your home is clean, and healthy to breathe before the long winter sets in. SmartHouse has a number of solutions to improve your indoor air quality, including energy recovery ventilators for proper ventilation, filters, and UV germicidal air purifiers. 

  • Change your air filters

Get your home ready for fall-make the smart call to SmartHouse Heating and Cooling.

fall home checklist infographic

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