York Affinity YPLC Modulating 80% AFUE

York Affinity

YPLC Modulating 80% AFUE

Affinity_YP9CEfficiency-80% AFUE

Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty
Up to 10 Years Labor Warranty
10-Year Parts Warranty

Modulating controls allows the system to adjust operation needs in .5% increments providing the best comfort with the highest operating efficiency.

Variable Speed Motor adjusts the speed of the blower for the quietest operating system with added comfort controls.

Affinity YP9C model is a communications capable control system for wi-fi thermostat control.

Special Benefits

  • Compact 33” Height and Standard Cabinet Widths.
  • Communications Capable control system.
  • ECM Variable-Speed Motor with Large, Quiet Blower.
  • Fully-Supported, Slide-Out Blower Assembly for Easy Service Access.
  • High-Level Self-Diagnostic Controls With Fault Codes.
  • Sharp Edges Have Been Eliminated By Folding and Flattening the Sheet Metal.
  • Fully-Gasketed, Independent Access Doors
  • Propane Convertible.