SmartHouse’s AC Emergency Breakdown Checklist

August 19, 2021
emergency ac checklist smarthouse

It can be tempting to pick up the phone and schedule emergency AC repair the second your cooling system stops working. But while SmartHouse is here to get your HVAC back on track 7 days a week, we’d also like to save you the cost of a visit from an HVAC contractor for your St. Louis MO home!emergency ac checklist smarthouse

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Before you call our team of local heating and cooling experts, have you checked all of the following?

1. Your Air Filters

Filters keep the air circulating in your home cleaner, but if they aren’t changed regularly, they can become clogged and dirty. In extreme cases, it can cause your AC to turn off, or the evaporator coils to freeze. When was the last time you replaced your filters?

2. Your Power Switch

You might not already know it, but most air central air conditioners have a power switch next to them in the basement or attic that looks like a regular light switch. Check to see that someone didn’t accidentally flip it off.

3. Your Thermostat

If the air conditioner isn’t working in your house, it could be a thermostat-related issue. Are the batteries dead? Did the settings get changed? Is your thermostat set to “Cool” and not “Heat”?

4. Your Circuit Breakers

A tripped breaker is another common issue that can prevent your AC from working, so check your electrical panel before calling for air conditioning repair. If the breaker trips repeatedly, however, you’ll want to call in the pros.

5. Your Vents

If your ductwork’s dampers are closed or the vents are blocked by furniture or clothing, then it could explain why your air conditioner is working but not cooling your home. Make sure there’s nothing getting in the way of delivering cool air throughout your house.

6. Your Outside Unit

Finally, take a step outside and look at the outdoor AC unit. Is it covered in leaves or other debris? It could be affecting or even preventing normal operation. Make sure your condenser unit is clean and cleared off.

Still dealing with an AC that isn’t working right? Now’s the time to call 314-644-1570 or contact us today for emergency HVAC service in St. Louis.