Variable Speed Air Conditioners: Explained!

June 15, 2021
Carrier AC Unit

Time to upgrade your AC?

Variable speed air conditioners save you money while keeping you comfortable. So what’s different about variable speed cooling systems? Single stage or single speed units have only two settings: on (100%) or off (0%). But variable speed air conditioners can operate at many different speeds to optimize efficiency. They use lower settings during an average day, but can easily crank it up to deal with a St. Louis heatwave.

Variable speed ACs:

  • Reduce cooling costs
  • Distribute cool air more evenly in your home
  • Filter out higher levels of air pollutants
  • Remove unwanted humidity

Your new AC will run more often, but usually at low speeds, giving you quiet, whole home comfort at a fraction of the cost. At SmartHouse, our team of HVAC experts can help your family find the right cooling system. Take advantage of the latest in AC efficiency in your home today.

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