5 Signs Your Home Needs Air Purification or Ventilation

February 12, 2021
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If you are concerned about the health and cleanliness of the air you breathe at home, you’re not alone! Homeowners all across St. Louis are wondering how to make their homes healthier—be on the lookout for these signs of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) that indicate your home could benefit from air filtration, purification, or ventilation to clean the air that circulates through your home and your heating and cooling systems. 

In your home, have you noticed…

You or your family are experiencing an increase in asthma or allergy-like symptoms

Excessive amounts of indoor air contaminants can irritate and exacerbate seasonal allergy symptoms, as well as other respiratory sensitivities in both humans and pets. 

You get headaches after returning home

Does this sound familiar? You’re out and about during the day feeling fine, but not long after you return home your headache returns. Increased exposure to indoor air pollution can cause frequent headaches. 

“Common cold”-like symptoms

One of the reasons why indoor air quality problems often go undiagnosed is because homeowners mistake many of the symptoms they experience with the common cold or “a seasonal bug going around.” Actually, it could be your home and the air circulating that’s making you sick!

You’re having trouble sleeping

Insomnia has been correlated with household molds, and the more contaminated your indoor air is, the more likely mold will grow in the cracks and crevices of your home. 

Your home has an unpleasant smell or odor

Even if you aren’t experiencing symptoms that you are aware of, poor indoor air quality can cause a mildewy or musty smell.

What are your options?

No two homes are exactly alike—and neither is the air inside them. Depending on your particular indoor air quality needs, SmartHouse heating and cooling may recommend a combination of:

  • Air purification 
  • Mechanical ventilation 
  • Upgraded air filtration 

…so that you can reap the benefits of healthier air!

Want healthier air in your home? Ask SmartHouse about improving your indoor air quality!