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As a heating and cooling contractor here in St. Louis that specializes in understanding the whole home as a system, we understand what it takes to get your home to perform at its very best, while using the least amount of energy possible to keep it comfortable all year round. From helping you find the best air conditioner or air purifier to install in your home, to how to get rid of the condensation on your windows, to the inner workings of an energy efficient heat pump, the SmartHouse blog is where your questions are answered.

October 16, 2023

7 Signs Your HVAC Contractor Is Trustworthy

7 Signs an HVAC Company is Trustworthy. When it’s time to service, repair, or replace your HVAC system, choosing the right company is paramount. Your home’s comfort and energy bills are at stake, and the wrong choice could lead to unnecessary costs or subpar service. There are a lot of HVAC scams to watch out for, however, there are also Read more...
October 16, 2023

Energy Saving Tips for Fall and Winter

Energy saving tips for fall and winter. In St. Louis, we need our HVAC system to be at its best year-round. The chilly months often witness a spike in energy bills as heaters run longer and lights stay on earlier in the evening. Moreover, if a home isn’t optimized for energy efficiency, a significant amount of this energy – and Read more...
October 16, 2023

Common Fall and Winter HVAC Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

Common fall and winter HVAC problems and how to troubleshoot them. A dependable HVAC system ensures our homes and families stay comfortable year-round. Yet, as we turn our heaters on in the fall and winter, many homeowners face challenges they don’t know how to troubleshoot. Whether you’re noticing unusual sounds from your furnace or contending with uneven room temperatures, SmartHouse Read more...
September 29, 2023

Do Heat Pumps Work in Freezing Temperatures?

Do heat pumps work in freezing temperatures? Heat pumps are growing in popularity as a year-long heating and cooling option. While they’ve been popular in southern states for years, homeowners in St. Louis and other more northern parts of the country rightly wonder if heat pumps can maintain a comfortable temperature in the depths of winter. So, do heat pumps Read more...
September 28, 2023

How to Get the Most Out of Your New Heat Pump

How to get the most out of your new heat pump. If you’ve recently made the jump to a heat pump for a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly home, you’re undoubtedly excited to see the difference in your home’s comfort and energy bills. But, like any technology, heat pumps must be properly maintained and looked after to get the Read more...
September 28, 2023

What’s the Best Time of Year to Install a New HVAC System?

What’s the best time of year to install a new HVAC system? Timing is everything, especially when it comes to significant home investments like installing a new HVAC system. With the fluctuating temperatures in St. Louis, homeowners may wonder when the optimal time is to either replace an aging system and install a brand-new one. While the immediate need might Read more...
July 10, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Heat Pumps

The ultimate guide to heat pumps. Heat pumps have gained significant popularity in recent years due to their versatility and energy-saving capabilities. With their ability to redistribute heat they provide consistent comfort throughout the year. Whether you’re a homeowner considering a heat pump for the first time or simply curious about this innovative technology, this guide will equip you with Read more...
July 10, 2023

Energy Efficiency Myths Debunked

Debunking energy efficiency myths. There’s a lot of well-meaning but misplaced advice about how to save energy. Whether old tricks no longer work or some people speak beyond their expertise, it can be hard to know what really increases comfort and energy efficiency and what’s a waste of time. At SmartHouse Heating & Cooling, we use our expertise to give Read more...
June 12, 2023

How to Stay Cool and Comfortable in a Heatwave

How to stay cool and comfortable in a heatwave. It seems like every summer we hear about more record-setting highs in temperature. In addition to causing health concerns, heatwaves can make the inside of your home unbearable and cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand you can wave to make the outside heat go away. There Read more...
June 12, 2023

Variable Capacity ACs: The Future of Home Cooling

Variable Capacity ACs: The Future of Home Cooling. If you’re considering replacing your air conditioner, you’ve likely heard the term “variable capacity” used at some point. But what are variable capacity ACs? Why are they taking over the home cooling market? While single stage ACs operate with an on/off function and two-stage ACs have high/low/off settings, variable capacity ACs use Read more...

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