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As a heating and cooling contractor here in St. Louis that specializes in understanding the whole home as a system, we understand what it takes to get your home to perform at its very best, while using the least amount of energy possible to keep it comfortable all year round. From helping you find the best air conditioner or air purifier to install in your home, to how to get rid of the condensation on your windows, to the inner workings of an energy efficient heat pump, the SmartHouse blog is where your questions are answered.

June 30, 2021

Fact or Fiction: The Importance of AC Maintenance

There are two things every homeowner with central air conditioning in St. Louis wants out of their system: reliable operation and affordable cooling bills. The last thing you want in your Brentwood, Ladue, or Kirkwood home is to find yourself in the middle of a Missouri heatwave – either without AC because of an unexpected breakdown or stuck paying astronomical Read more...
June 15, 2021

Variable Speed Air Conditioners: Explained!

Time to upgrade your AC? Variable speed air conditioners save you money while keeping you comfortable. So what’s different about variable speed cooling systems? Single stage or single speed units have only two settings: on (100%) or off (0%). But variable speed air conditioners can operate at many different speeds to optimize efficiency. They use lower settings during an average Read more...
June 3, 2021

5 Easy Things to Check If Your AC Won’t Turn On

“Why won’t my air conditioner turn on?!?” There are few things more frustrating on a hot St. Louis summer day than when you discover there’s something wrong with your air conditioning. An AC that isn’t working properly can feel like an emergency, especially on days when the temperature is approaching the triple digits! Your first impulse if you don’t feel Read more...
May 18, 2021

How Attic Insulation Is Key to a Comfortable, More Energy Efficient Home

Living in an uncomfortable home can take a toll on you and your family, especially when you’re cooped up inside it all the time. If this last St. Louis winter had you wishing you were anywhere but home, then the relief you’re feeling this spring as the weather gets warmer could be short-lived: An uncomfortable home can be just as Read more...
May 4, 2021

How to Get Your Home Ready for a Hot Summer

(View as a downloadable PDF version) St. Louis summers can be real scorchers, and if your home isn’t up to the challenge, you could be in for a long couple of months of expensive cooling bills and low indoor comfort. Here are some tips to get your home ready for hot weather. Spring AC Maintenance An AC maintenance visit from Read more...
April 22, 2021

6 Efficiency Upgrades to Make to Your Home

One of the most common phone calls we get here at SmartHouse is from St. Louis homeowners who are looking over their finances and have noticed their heating and cooling bills have been steadily creeping upwards. High energy costs are one of the most common reasons why people want to make energy efficiency upgrades for their homes, and it often Read more...
April 12, 2021

Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Insulation

Now that we’re on the other side of winter, homeowners in St. Louis and across Missouri are looking forward to warmer weather. Maybe their homes were less comfortable or more expensive to heat than they’d have liked during the colder months, as poor insulation and air sealing in their home allowed heat to escape and cold air to get inside, Read more...
March 30, 2021

The Building Blocks of a Comfortable and Energy-Efficient Home

(View as a downloadable PDF version) Energy-efficient houses use less energy, minimize heating and cooling costs, and offer more consistent, whole-home comfort as well as healthier, cleaner indoor air.  But where should you start to upgrade your home? Here are five of the most important ways to improve the efficiency and comfort levels in your St. Louis home today. Heating Read more...
March 16, 2021

Why Is Early AC Maintenance So Important?

As an HVAC expert serving the greater St. Louis area, we know firsthand that too many homeowners put off maintenance tune-ups for their heating and cooling systems. Schedules get filled up, best-laid plans get delayed… we understand how busy life can get as the weather warms up every year.  But take it from the local professionals—regular maintenance for your HVAC Read more...
March 4, 2021

Heating Myths: Fact or Fiction

Looking to save money on heating bills? Don’t fall for “DIY hacks” that don’t actually work. The whole home experts at SmartHouse hear heating myths all the time. Here are just a few we can definitively debunk. Myth: Ductless mini splits don’t work well in cold weather. The truth: Mitsubishi mini splits operate at 100% capacity in weather as cold Read more...

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