Failed AC? How to Make Lemonade From Your Lemon

April 14, 2023
Failed AC How to Make Lemonade From Your Lemon | AC Services in St. Louis | Heating and Cooling Near Me

Failed AC? How to Make Lemonade From Your Lemon. At some point, almost every homeowner experiences the frustration of a broken air conditioner. Whether it’s in the middle of summer or when you first start to use it again in the spring, a failed AC unit can quickly turn your home into an uncomfortable environment. But fear not – with the help of an experienced and reputable HVAC contractor in St. Louis you can put yourself and your home in a better situation than before. SmartHouse offers a range of heating and cooling options, and our honest advice can help you make the best decision for your home. Call us today at 314-648-3162, text us at 314-310-2242, or schedule an appointment online to turn your lemon of an AC into cool, refreshing lemonade.

Why a Failed AC Can Be a Blessing in Disguise

While it may be hard to appreciate the opportunity a failed AC system provides in the moment, the truth is that with the right decisions based on sound advice your home can be more comfortable and energy efficient than ever before. A new AC installation can improve your current situation with:

  • A higher-functioning system — Newer systems are designed to be more reliable and energy efficient and, in some cases, can reduce energy consumption by 30% or more. This makes your home cooler and more comfortable and reduces your monthly energy bills.
  • Access to the newest technologies — As with any appliance, from cars to laundry machines, newer machines generally work better than older ones. The home cooling industry is always looking for ways to increase comfort and energy efficiency. With everything from smart thermostats to zoning and variable speed heat pumps, with the help of a trusted HVAC company you can enhance your whole home performance and make your home even more comfortable and energy efficient.
  • A warranty — Most ACs that are nearing their expiration date have already seen their warranty lapse. Your new system will come with a warranty that protects your investment. Our preferred products, such as Daikin ACs, typically come with 12-year warranties, meaning your system is protected for the majority of its lifespan.
  • Rebates and tax credits — In addition to lowering your energy usage, a new AC system can help you save money through promotions, rebates, and other incentives. Both Ameren and Spire offer rebates for newer systems, which SmartHouse will apply for on your behalf. Furthermore, the IRS offers federal tax credits as an incentive for energy-efficient systems.
  • Improved indoor air quality In addition to cooling, your AC is tasked with helping you breathe clean air and control humidity levels inside your home. If you decide to also invest in new dehumidifiers and more advanced filtration systems, you and your family will breathe cleaner air and move around your home in even greater comfort.
  • Peace of mind — With an older AC unit you may spend your summer worrying that you’ll need yet another emergency AC repair like you did in previous years. Or, you may find yourself frequently tinkering with the thermostat or filter, trying to squeeze every last drop of efficiency out of it to save a little bit on utility bills. With a brand new system, as well as other improvements you may decide to invest in, you’ll be able to enjoy many more comfortable summers with minimal action or thought required on your end. With professional AC tune-ups and preventive maintenance, newer systems should be able to function well for years before needing any significant repairs.

The thought of replacing an air conditioning system can be daunting, especially when it’s unexpected. SmartHouse offers a variety of financing options to make it easy and simple to bring comfort to your home. With honest advice and some prudent decision-making, you can turn your failed AC into a blessing in disguise by making your house feel more like a home than it ever did before.

Replacing Your AC System? Consider a New Furnace As Well

While this won’t make sense for every homeowner, as long as you’re having a conversation about replacing your AC system, it’s worth it to have a conversation about also replacing your furnace if it’s getting up there in age. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. You’ll enjoy even greater comfort and efficiency if both the heating and cooling systems are designed to work together.
  2. Your entire HVAC system will be under the same warranty and eligible for the same rebates and tax credits.
  3. If both your heating and cooling systems need to be replaced, it’s cheaper to do it in one visit. Some electrical work has to be undone and then redone when installing a new system. You save on labor costs by having that happen in one visit instead of two.

Many manufacturers, such as Daikin, produce an entire range of home comfort products that are at their best when used together. An HVAC contractor dedicated to your comfort and whole home performance will go over all of your options with you and help you make the best decisions for your home.

Call SmartHouse For All Your Heating and Cooling Needs in St. Louis

The best way to make lemonade from your lemon of an AC? Find an honest and ethical St. Louis HVAC company that has your comfort at heart. At SmartHouse, we empower our team members to do the right thing. In our line of work, that means personalizing our recommendations to you and your home and doing what’s in your best interest. If a failed air conditioner has you sweaty and stressed out, make the smart call to SmartHouse to regain your home comfort. Call us today at 314-648-3162, text us at 314-310-2242, or schedule an appointment online.