How Insulation Provides Year Round Comfort

February 2, 2021
SmartHouse Worker Applying SprayFoam Insulation

  1. Did you know that it has been estimated that 90% of homes in North America are under-insulated?
  2. Insulation can increase the comfort of your home, save you on your energy costs, and upgrade your indoor air quality.
  3. Insulation is installed in the attic, basement or crawl space, and exterior walls to prevent the transfer of heat.
  4. In the winter time, insulation keeps the heat from your HVAC system inside your home 
  5. And in the summer, insulation prevents the outside heat from infiltrating your living space. 
  6. When your home is properly insulated it provides many benefits, including:
    1. Stabilized indoor temps
    2. Reduced indoor drafts
    3. Energy bill savings
    4. A more comfortable home
  7. Want to know if your home is in need of an insulation upgrade this winter?
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