The Best Places in Your Home for a Mini Split

December 23, 2020
bedroom with mitsubishi mini split

The first step in finding the perfect place to install your new mini split is understanding its advantages.  Consisting of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor (air handler) units, today’s ductless mini splits offer design flexibility, with floor-standing, wall-mounted and ceiling-recessed options for the indoor component, plus energy efficiency and easy system management.   So, now that you know a little bit about mini splits, the question is – where is a mini split most useful?

The simple answer is a mini split is most useful when it is installed wherever you need extra heating and cooling power or where installing ductwork is not possible or cost prohibitive.

Common Places to Install a Mini Split in St. Louis

Here are some common scenarios and rooms where we have installed mini splits for customers in their Brentwood, Clayton, Creve Coeur, Kirkwood, Ladue, Overland, Richmond Heights, St. Louis, University City, and Webster Groves homes:

Three-Season Rooms

Three-season rooms, like sunrooms and enclosed patios or porches, are common here in the St. Louis area.  These rooms may have just enough separation from the outdoors to handle the mild temperatures of fall or spring, but if you are looking to spend time enjoying the view from your three-season room during the cold winter months, adding a mini split can be the solution for year-round comfort.


Many homeowners want to use their garage as a space to work or to store food supplies and equipment that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Installing a mini split in the garage will make your garage more comfortable, without having to add ductwork.

Added Square Footage 

Have you added an extra room since you moved into your home or are you planning a remodel project?  Very often, a room addition will not be adequately served by ducts run off the existing system.  Mini splits add the necessary capacity to guarantee comfort.

Home with Boilers

Boiler heating systems are common in older, historic homes in St. Louis.  Mini splits offer an effective way to add air conditioning to a home that is heated by a boiler and does not have ductwork.  Homeowners with boiler systems can also benefit from the heating a mini split can provide, as mini splits can be easily turned on and off when temperatures are moderate (40-60 degrees) and respond instantly, unlike boilers, which can take hours to heat up.

Ask SmartHouse About Mini Splits

The only thing more impressive than the versatility of these compact heating and cooling systems is their efficiency. You’ll love the comfort a mini split provides when you’re relaxing in your home, but you’ll like what it does to your energy bills even more! Make the smart call to SmartHouse and ask about mini splits today.

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