When Is It Time to Replace My Air Conditioner?

February 13, 2023
When Is It Time to Replace My Air Conditioner | St. Louis Heating and Cooling Services | AC Installation Near Me

When is it time to replace my air conditioner? The decision to replace your air conditioner is a big one, and it should only be made with the honest recommendations of a trustworthy St. Louis HVAC company. At SmartHouse Heating & Cooling, we take pride in providing homeowners with customized solutions that save them money and make their homes more comfortable. If you suspect it might be time to upgrade or replace your AC unit, speak to one of our team members today by calling us at 314-648-3162 or texting us at 314-310-2242. Alternatively, schedule an appointment today through our website.

How to Know When to Replace Your AC System in St. Louis

There are two main reasons that it may be time to replace your AC system:

  1. Age — With proper maintenance, your AC system should last for 15-20 years. If your unit is getting up there in age and you haven’t invested in regular AC maintenance in a while, schedule an appointment with an HVAC technician in St. Louis as soon as possible. They’ll be able to tell you if your unit can handle the heat of the upcoming summer, or if the risk of failure is too high and it’s time to get a new unit installed.
  2. It’s not worth it to spend the money on repairs — In some cases, your air conditioner may be able to survive for a few more years, but not at an efficient rate that reliably cools your home. It may be worth investing in a new AC if the necessary repair is too expensive – for instance, a failed compressor or leaking coil – or because you find yourself making a series of annual repairs.

To understand if you’re better off with a new unit, it’s best to have a professional HVAC technician inspect your AC during your annual maintenance or when the unit needs service. Signs that your AC unit need service include:

  • It doesn’t come on
  • It doesn’t cool properly
  • Insufficient airflow
  • Frequent cycling
  • High humidity
  • Water leaks
  • Bad odors
  • High energy bills

Emergency AC Checklist

Once your AC has been inspected, an HVAC technician who has industry experience and gives honest recommendations – like those at SmartHouse – will be able to tell you if you’re better off sticking with your current system or having a new AC installed. Some HVAC companies may say those are signs your AC needs replacement, but in truth, the answer depends on your specific unit and home. Usually, it’s not as simple as just calculating the difference in cost between replacement and repair. There are a few reasons a repair may be cheaper initially, but a replacement pays off better in the long run:

  • Newer ACs are more efficient, which lowers your monthly energy bills.
  • Newer ACs will be under warranty for longer (for example, our preferred  Daikin ACs  will have a 12-year warranty).
  • If you’re paying for repairs every spring, the cost of those repairs will likely get more expensive each year, and spending that money likely isn’t a good investment.
  • New ACs are more likely to qualify for  rebates, incentives, and federal tax credits.

No two St. Louis homes or homeowners are alike, and we make sure to tailor our recommendations to your specific comfort, budget, and efficiency goals. Our Nate-certified technicians can repair any make, brand, or model of air conditioner. If we believe you’d be better off with a replacement, we’ll install it efficiently and effectively, and work with you to make it as affordable as possible.

Worried your AC might not be able to handle another hot St. Louis summer? Call SmartHouse at 314-648-3162 or contact us online for expert and honest heating and cooling services.