Why Insulation and Air Sealing Work Best Together

October 13, 2021

Every St. Louis, MO homeowner wants their home to be as comfortable and efficient as possible. Proper home insulation is supposed to protect against heat transfer, but moving air undermines its effectiveness.

Air sealing keeps your indoor air in, and outdoor air out, improving the efficiency of your insulation. Combining an insulation upgrade with air sealing can increase your home’s efficiency by up to 40%! Few other services can do as much to improve your home’s comfort and indoor air quality.

Keep your home comfortable, efficient, and healthy year-round with insulation and air sealing. When considering insulation and/or air sealing, be sure to consult a reputable contractor.

The SmartHouse Heating & Cooling experts are here for your home in St. Louis, Ladue, and beyond. Find out why insulation and air sealing are better together with the pros at SmartHouse.