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Furnace installation in Velda City, MO. There are few things worse for home comfort than the weather getting colder and noticing your heating system isn’t working. SmartHouse Heating and Cooling is a leading heating services company in the Velda City area. We we founded our business to give people heating and cooling service that is ethical, dependable, and done the right way. If you need a new furnace installation in Velda City, MO, call SmartHouse today at 314-648-3162, text us at 314-310-2242, or contact us online.

Signs That You Need a New Furnace in Velda City, MO

Many the calls we get for furnace replacement come during an emergency when someone’s already wrapped under several blankets. While SmartHouse does take emergency calls in the Velda City area, it’s best to keep on eye on your furnace so your home is prepared before the cold weather comes. Signs that you need a new furnace installation in Velda City, MO include:

  • Your furnace is over 15 years old — The shelf life of a furnace is about 18 years, and Energy Star suggests replacing a furnace every 15 years. Once your furnace starts closing in on two decades, it won’t last much longer.
  • You’re paying more for energy — A lot can contribute to higher energy bills, and a furnace in need of replacement can significantly increase how much you pay per month. While furnace repair will return some of your unit’s efficiency, higher bills is a sure sign that your furnace won’t last for more than a couple more years.
  • Your home isn’t keeping up with your thermostat A functioning heating system should be able to keep up with a reasonable thermostat setting. If your home is more than two degrees below your thermostat setting, a malfunctioning furnace is likely to blame.
  • You hear strange noises from your furnace — It’s normal for a furnace to make some noise, but it shouldn’t be loud or distracting. If you hear other noises, like grinding, rattling, popping, or clicking, something inside the furnace isn’t functioning correctly.
  • The temperature is not even throughout your home — A healthy furnace will spread heat evenly in every room of your home. If some rooms are cold and others warm, your furnace isn’t functioning properly.
  • You’ve made several recent repairs — If you find yourself paying a lot for simple repairs, your money may be better spent on a new furnace.
  • The humidity in your home is off — A well-functioning furnace will prevent your house from being too dry in the winter. If the air is too dry, your furnace may be to blame.
  • You have poor indoor air quality If you’re noticing more dust or other particles in your home, it may mean your furnace isn’t doing a good enough job removing those particles. If the dust doesn’t go away after changing filters, you’ll need a new furnace to filter the air properly.

Regular maintenance and furnace tune-ups from Velda City, MO heating experts like those at SmartHouse can help get the most out of your existing furnace. However, every furnace has a lifespan and one day you will have to invest in a new furnace installation.

Regular maintenance and furnace tune-ups from Velda City, MO heating technicians like those at SmartHouse can extend the life of your furnace. However, every furnace has a lifespan and eventually you will have to invest in a new furnace installation.

Furnace Installation Velda City, MO | Whole Home Performance Near Velda City

Things to Consider For a Furnace Installation in Velda City, MO

Hopefully, a furnace installation is only necessary once every 15 to 20 years. While SmartHouse’s Velda City, MO furnace technicians pride themselves on their knowledge and honesty, it’s best to be well-informed before deciding on a furnace installation. You’ll want to choose your new furnace based on:

  • Size — Each home needs a different size furnace. If the furnace is too big, it will start and stop too much, and heat your house quickly but unevenly. Too small, and the furnace will run constantly without giving you the warmth you need. A properly-sized furnace will keep energy bills low and last longer.
  • Efficiency — Efficiency is measured by Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). The AFUA shows what portion of energy the furnace uses to heat your home. All new furnaces must be at least 80%, meaning 20% of the energy escapes to the rest of your house. The highest efficiency rating available is 95%. More efficient furnaces lead to lower bills.
  • Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage vs. Modulating — Typically, there are three kinds of furnaces:
    1. Single-stage furnaces have two settings: off and full-power. This furnace is typically cheaper, but you may have difficulty heating the entire house.
    2. Two-stage furnaces are more expensive upfront, but generally improve your comfort and are more efficient. They have both full power and low power settings.
    3. Modulating furnaces maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home the best. Instead of running, shutting off, and running again, they run in very precise increments to micro-manage the temperature of your home.
  • Motor — There are also three kinds of motors:
    1. A standard motor is in most furnaces. They have three settings: circulation, blasting hot air, and eliminating cold air.
    2. High-efficiency motors do not have pre-programmed settings, and use more or less power depending on what is needed.
    3. Variable speed motors run at a range of speeds, and can be used to improve air circulation even in the warmer seasons.
  • Manufacturer — Just like with cars, baseball gloves, or anything else you want to get long-term use out of, the the manufacturing of a product is of utmost importance. Our preferred furnace manufacturers are Daikin, Mitsubishi, and Carrier, but we can help find the furnace installation that’s what your Velda City, MO house needs.

Our Velda City, MO heating experts at SmartHouse will help walk you through your furnace installation options and choose what’s best for your home and your family’s comfort.

Why Choose SmartHouse For Your Furnace Installation in Velda City, MO

There are numerous HVAC and furnace experts that cater to Velda City, MO homeowners. Our expertise and integrity have made us the #1 choice for many Velda City, MO homeowners for anything related to their home energy performance. Some of the reasons SmartHouse is the “smart choice” for your furnace installation are:

We also offer numerous alternative heating solutions and other ways to help boost your home heating, including:

Once your new furnace is installed, you can take advantage of our annual service plans and maintenance packages to ensure your home is ready to handle all four seasons.

Furnace Installation Velda City, MO | Heating Services and Repair Near Velda City

Make the Smart Call to SmartHouse For Your Furnace Installation in Velda City, MO

Your home needs to be a place to gather, eat, sleep and commune; you shouldn’t have to shiver in a sweater just trying to be comfortable. By using our nationally certified technicians, keeping up-to-date on all the latest technologies, and never compromising our integrity, we’ve become one of the Velda City area’s preferred heating and cooling companies. Whether you’re hearing strange noises, some rooms or colder than others, or just think your furnace is too old, SmartHouse is here to serve you. For furnace installation in Velda City, MO, call us at 314-648-3162, send us a message at 314-310-2242, or contact us online.

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